Utility Billing

Contact Information

Customers may contact the City Utility Billing Office by mail or in person at 201 S. 5th, or by phone at 785-528-3714 during regular business hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm) Monday through Friday (except holidays).

Osage City Utility Rates

There is a $15 set-up fee, per meter, when service is initially established or re-established. If a home has only one meter each for water, electric, and gas, then the three $15 fees would total $45.00. These fees are required to be paid at the time service is established.

Electric  Rates
Gas Rates
Inside City Limits:
Inside City Limits:
Customer Charge$13.00/meterBase Charge$22.25
Energy Charge (all KWH)    $0.08836/KWHUse Charge (per 1,000 cu. ft.)$3.40
Minimum per Month$13.00Minimum per Month$22.25
Franchise Fee5%Franchise Fee5%
As of 01/01/2024 Energy Cost Adj. (ECA)$0.03229/KWHAs of 01/01/2024 Fuel Cost Adj.$0.647 / 1,000 cu. ft

Outside City Limits:
Outside City Limits:
Customer Charge$13.65/meterBase Charge$22.81
Energy Charge (all KWH)$0.09277/KWHUse Charge (per 1,000 cu. ft.)$3.57
Minimum per Month$13.65Minimum per Month$22.81
As of 01/01/2024 Energy Cost Adj. (ECA)$0.03390/KWHAs of 01/01/2024 Fuel Cost Adj.$0.679/ 1,000 cu. ft.

Residential Sewer Rates
Commercial Sewer Rates
Base Fee$14.52Base Fee$14.52
Use Charge (per 1,000 gal.)$5.02Use Charge (per 1,000 gal.)$5.75
Minimum per Month$14.52Minimum per Month$14.52
*Based upon Jan-Mar average water usage.
*Based upon actual water usage.
Water Rates
Residential Sanitation Rates
Residential Water
In-Town (1 pick-up per week)
Minimum Charge (inc. 1,000 gal.)$28.13Out-of-Town (1 pick-up per week)
Use Charge (per 1,000 gal.)$7.87Extra Cart Fee/one pick-up per week in town
Extra Cart Fee for Out-of-Town
$18.00 each

$27.00 each
Minimum per Month    $28.13
Tags for extra bags can be purchased at City Hall
$3.00 each
Commercial Water
Extra Pick-ups for Customers

Minimum Charge (inc. 1,000 gal.)$37.68Non-scheduled: First 15 minutes
Use Charge (per 1,000 gal.)
$9.02Additional 1/2 hour increments
Minimum per Month
Extra Pick-ups for Non-Customers

Extra Pick-ups (non-scheduled) First 15 minutes

Additional 1/2 hour increments
Commercial Sanitation Rates

Basic Service*$27.00/mo.

Two-Yard Dumpster**$100.00/mo.

Three-Yard Dumpster**$150.00/mo.

Four-Yard Dumpster**$200.00/mo.

Six-Yard Dumpster**$250.00/mo.

* indicates one pick-up/week

** indicates M-W-F pick-ups, additional
    pick-ups extra $25.00

Utility Billing Information

Customers should receive their utility bills around the first day of each month. Payments are due on the 22nd of each month. Late payments will be assessed a 9.5% penalty if paid after the 22nd of each month. Meters are read by City employees around the middle of each month.

A Drop Box for utility payments is located in the lobby of the City Hall, just inside the double doors on the north wall. Envelopes are provided for securing your payment.

Other Utility Billing Office Services

There are a variety of services offered at the Utility Billing Office, including:

  • Collection of utility bills
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Dog Tags
  • Utility service connects and disconnects
  • Licenses for Cereal Malt Beverage and regulated occupations (plumbing, electric, gas, and liquor)
  • Building permits
  • Fireworks permits
  • Cemetery plot purchase and burial planning

You may contact the Utility Office at 785-528-3714 if you have any questions.