Utility Billing

Contact Information

Customer Service for the City Utility Billing Office can be contacted by mail or in person at 201 S. 5th, or by phone at 785-528-3714 during regular business hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm) Monday through Friday (except holidays).

Osage City Utility Rates

There is a $10 set-up fee, per meter, when service is initially established or re-established. If a home has only one meter each for water, electric, and gas, then the three $10 fees would total $30. These fees are required to be paid at the time service is established.

Electric  Rates
Gas Rates
Inside City Limits:
Inside City Limits:
Customer Charge$13.00/meterBase Charge$11.25
Energy Charge (all KWH)    $0.08836/KWHUse Charge (per 1,000 cu. ft.)$3.40
Minimum per Month$13.00Minimum per Month$11.25
Franchise Fee5%Franchise Fee5%
As of 09/01/2020 Energy Cost Adj. (ECA)
As of 09/01/2020 Fuel Cost Adj.
$0.02006 per KWH
$3.13 per 1,000 cu. ft.
Outside City Limits:
Outside City Limits:
Customer Charge$13.65/meterBase Charge$11.25
Energy Charge (all KWH)$0.09277/KWHUse Charge (per 1,000 cu. ft.)$3.40
Minimum per Month$13.65Minimum per Month$11.25
As of 09/01/2020 Energy Cost Adj. (ECA)
As of 09/01/2020 Fuel Cost Adj.
$0.02106 per KWH
$3.29 per 1,000 cu. ft.
Residential Sewer Rates
Commercial Sewer Rates
Base Fee$14.52Base Fee$14.52
Use Charge (per 1,000 gal.)$5.02Use Charge (per 1,000 gal.)$5.75
Minimum per Month$14.52Minimum per Month$14.52
*Based upon Jan-Mar average water usage.
*Based upon actual water usage.
Water Rates
Residential Sanitation Rates
Residential Water
In-Town (1 pick-up per week)
Minimum Charge (inc. 1,000 gal.)$28.13Out-of-Town (1 pick-up per week)
Use Charge (per 1,000 gal.)$7.87Extra Cart Fee/one pick-up per week
$8.40 each
Minimum per Month    $28.13
Tags for extra bags can be purchased at City Hall
$1.58 each
Commercial Water
Extra Pick-ups for Customers

Minimum Charge (inc. 1,000 gal.)$37.68Non-scheduled: First 15 minutes
Use Charge (per 1,000 gal.)
$9.02Additional 1/2 hour increments
Minimum per Month
Extra Pick-ups for Non-Customers

Extra Pick-ups (non-scheduled) First 15 minutes

Additional 1/2 hour increments
Commercial Sanitation Rates

Basic Service*$23.63/mo.

Two-Yard Dumpster**$61.95/mo.

Three-Yard Dumpster**$81.90/mo.

Four-Yard Dumpster**$123.90/mo.

Six-Yard Dumpster**$163.80/mo.

* indicates one pick-up/week

** indicates M-W-F pick-ups, additional
    pick-ups extra $21.00

Utility Billing Information

Utility bills should arrive around the first day of each month. Payments are due on the 22nd of each month. Late payments will be assessed a 7.5% penalty if paid after the 22nd of each month. Meters are read by City employees around the middle of each month.

Other Utility Billing Office Services

There are a variety of services offered at the Utility Billing Office, including:

  • Collection of utility bills
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Sale of dog tags
  • Utility service connects and disconnects
  • Licenses for Cereal Malt Beverage and regulated occupations (plumbing, electric, gas, and liquor)
  • Building permits
  • Fireworks permits
  • Cemetery plot purchase and burial planning

You may email the either Utility Clerk, cmeek@osagecity.com or sboos@osagecity.com if you have any questions.